Personal Branding for CEO Entrepreneurs and women leaders
Millennial Force Personal Branding for young women
Personal Branding for Women Corporate Executive
 Corporate Executive
This workshop is focused for women in a corporate environment who seek to enhance their personal positioning and create greater value to their company's mission and bottom line.
CEO Entrepreneur
This workshop is focused for women who run their own businesses or a non-profit organization. Also for women new to retirement who have more to give to their communities.
Millennial Force
This workshop is focused for young women graduating from college or new to their careers who want to be leaders at work, influencers in their community, and affect social impact.
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  • Discover how you are perceived
  • Define what you would like to be known for
  • Create a plan to manifest the Personal Brand
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Birkman Method - Leadership The 10 Impactful Personal Branding for Women