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The Honorable ANA M. GUEVARA created THE 10 IMPACTFUL™ after often being asked to mentor and coach young women on how they could enhance their executive leadership and personal positioning. Drawing from her personal experience, and from interviewing influential women leaders around the globe, she developed the tools to provide guidance and a roadmap for women in corporate executive positions, entrepreneur CEOs, and millennials entering the work force. 

Ms. Guevara is a respected figure in both government and business sectors.  She has been a Vice President for two fortune 50 companies, UPS and Walmart, and been appointed by the President of the United States to serve on the Board of Directors of the World Bank.  She also served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Trade at the U.S. Department of Commerce, where she oversaw the United States National Tourism Office, and was Ex-Oficio Board Member of the Export-Import Bank.  Currently, Ms. Guevara is President of AVENTI Associates, a strategic trade and public affairs advisory firm. 

Multi-lingual, she has led numerous successful teams in multi-cultural situations.  She has steered the formulation of tactical public policy and mediated before international organizations and government officials at the highest levels.  She is a seasoned global public speaker who has represented her organizations before media and events in the USA, Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe.

 Our Global Network  


THE 10 IMPACTFUL™ works with a notable network of professionals to bring together the best expertise and skills tailored to our clients' needs. Our experience knowing whom to draw on provides our clients a managed approach to global solutions that is targeted and integrated with proven professionals who share our passion for teaching and customer satisfaction.

 The Birkman Method®  


THE 10 IMPACTFUL™ uses coaches certified in The Birkman Method® to assess client’s strengths and challenges in order to develop the most effective coaching program for the individual.  “For over 50 years the Birkman Method® has been the industry-leading personality assessment that facilitates team building, executive coaching, leadership development, career management and interpersonal conflict resolution."

Ana M. Guevara
The Birkman Method Personal Branding Assessment tool
Birkman Method Personal Branding for Women Leaders
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Birkman Method  - The 10 Impactful Personal Branding for Women
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