WEConnect International has worked with Ana Guevara for 5 years as a consultant, professional expert, country director, and good friend so we were thrilled to have the opportunity to share her knowledge with our network through the “ 10 Impactful Personal Branding for Influential Women Leaders" webinar.  The success of the webinar started with registration since we registered 3 times as many attendees as usual.  During the session, Ana shared her professional and personal expertise.  Though it’s difficult online, she was able to connect with attendees personally during and after the webinar, when they contacted her with their thanks.  It is always a joy to work with Ana!

 Ana Guevara has been a great friend to Global Ties Miami over the past 7 years, serving on our board or directors, participating in events and hosting our international visitors on excursions and events.  We were blessed this year to have Ana create a special workshop on Leadership and Personal Branding for a group of 20 women entrepreneurs from the U.S. State Department's African Women Entrepreneurship Program (AWEP).  Presenting her 10 Impactful tools, she was able to build a strong bond with the women and get them enthusiastically engaged in the workshop.  Ana received a standing ovation at the end of the workshop, something that I have rarely seen in all the programs that we give!

Elizabeth Vazquez
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Personal Branding for Women Leaders

Everyone has a Personal Brand 

Are you going to let someone else define yours?

Personal Branding goes beyond social media and a "look".  Did you know that a Personal Brand can help or hurt your goals! Explore what Personal Branding means today and why it is essential for a woman to take control of hers to impact her success as a career woman, family doyen, and leader in her community.

THE 10 IMPACTFUL™ tools can be incorporated into everyday activities to enhance your Personal Brand and success through leadership, influence and digital footprint.  

  • Discover how you are perceived

  • Define for what you would like to be known

  • Develop a plan to manifest the personal positioning you seek

  Elizabeth Vazquez  

  Annette Alvarez 



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The 10 Impactful Tools for Personal Branding for Women
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The Birman Method is used by coaches in The 10 Impactful Personal Branding for Women Leaders Program

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